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We Are a Rainbow of Possibilities BBS

Inspire students year-round with the celebratory 67-piece We Are a Rainbow of Possibilities Bulletin Board. Featuring a rainbow, clouds, and colorful raindrops, this set includes the following pieces:

1 message, assembled from 28 pieces (largest: 7″ x 7.3″, smallest: 1″ x 1″)
1 rainbow with clouds (22.3″ x 11.9″)
35 raindrops (3.2″ x 4.5″)
3 clouds (largest: 11.4″ x 7.8″, smallest: 11.1″ x 7.2″)
The Hello Sunshine Collection features pretty colors, fun patterns, and a touch of sunshine that will make your classroom a haven of happiness.

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Out of stock