Tubular Spring Scale

The School Specialty Math Spring Scales Tubular Set contains 6 tubulars that are perfect for use in the science or math classroom. It offers accuracy, durability and readability at an affordable price. It has tubulars graduated in grams and Newtons. Provides ranges and accuracies that are suitable for student laboratory applications.
  • Scales are graduated in grams (g) and Newtons (N) and are color-coded to distinguish between the ranges
  • Each scale has a ring at the top for hanging, and an S-hook at the bottom for attaching the sample to be weighed
  • Clear plastic housing allows observation of the extension and retraction of the spring

  • Blue – 250 g/2.5 N
  • Green – 500 g/5 N
  • Beige – 1000 g/10 N
  • Red – 2000 g/20 N
  • White – 3000 g/30 N
  • Yellow – 5000 g/50 N

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