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Ten Minute Activities (GR 4-6)

Skills and concepts addressed include:

  • Language Arts—spelling, parts of speech, dictionary skills, vocabulary, and summarizing
  • Mathematics—multiplication and division facts, patterns, problem solving, fractions, and estimation
  • Social Studies—map skills, geography, and civics
  • Science—classifying, habitats, observing and describing, and cause & effect
  • Indoor recess—motor skills, visual & auditory memory, and dramatic play

Here are a few activity titles to give you a glimpse at the variety you’ll find:

  • Language Arts—ABCs of Said, Awesome Alliterations, Letter Ghosts
  • Mathematics—Palindrome Play, Factor It In, In a Heartbeat
  • Social Studies—The Mighty Mississippi, A Brief Moment of Fame, Location Station
  • Science—Bird Brains, Holey Hands, Out of This World
  • Indoor Recess—Know Your Neighbor, Rainy Day Walk, Eagle Eyes

This resource contains teacher support pages, reproducible student pages, and an answer key.

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Availability: In stock