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Idiom of the Week Pocket Chart


The mysteries of idioms become child’s play when you explore a new one each week. Unlock a treasure trove of common idiomatic expressions!


Idioms are fun and useful phrases, but they can drive confused students up a wall! Teaching students about these expressions will be a piece of cake with this fun vocabulary development aid with a twist — appealing, large-format cartoons that will tickle the funny bone and help students understand these common phrases in their reading and use them in their writing and speaking.


Engages students with funny illustrated cards that help them tackle the differences between literal and figurative language.  A light-hearted way to enrich vocabulary and improve comprehension for all students, particularly for learner’s form whom English is their Second Language


  • The Idiom of the Week Chart measures 33cm W x 70cm H and features metal grommets for hanging.
  • Includes 20 double–sided idiom cards featuring full–colour illustrations and measuring.
  • Provides 2 clear display pockets—one for the week’s idiom card and the other for a student’s illustrated sentence using the idiom



  1. It’s raining cats and dogs – It’s raining very hard.
  2. They’re in hot water – They’re in trouble.


Using Idiom of the Week


Tell students to put on their thinking caps. Then ask them what they know about phrases such as “put on your thinking cap,” “it’s raining cats and dogs,” and “going bananas.” Encourage them to draw on their own experiences hearing these idioms and any others.


List the idioms on the board, adding ones that students mention. For each of the idioms mentioned, ask students to tell how the idiom was used and how its context helped them figure out its meaning.


Finally, work with students to develop a definition of idioms and post it on chart paper. Here is an example: An idiom is a group of words that means something different from what the words say.

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Availability: Only 1 left in stock