Fall Leaves 6" Designer Cut-Outs

Seasonal Fall Leaves 6″ Designer Cut-Outs are the perfect size for many uses around the classroom. Use them in Halloween or Thanksgiving craft projects, on a fall bulletin board, or to welcome students back to school at the beginning of the school year. Attach them to a piece of fishing line or ribbon and hang from the ceiling for a festive seasonal look in the classroom or hallway. Use the colorful leaves to create a “fall” bulletin board featuring one of these headings: “Falling in love with _____________,” “Be-leaf in yourself,” “Unbe-leaf-able Work,” or “Time to change your mindset”. They are also perfect for use in a variety of classroom displays and themes including science, nature, outdoors, and weather.
36 pieces per package
12 each of 3 designs: red, orange, yellow

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Availability: In stock