Yellow Eye Lighter Reading Strip

The Eye Lighter highlights multiple lines of text or underlines a single sentence to aid eye tracking, improve reading comprehension and reading fluency. Use it to help with reading focus, speed reading or as a tool in different reading strategies aimed at improving overall reading skills such as fluency.

Who uses the Eye Lighter?

  • Struggling Readers
  • Readers with Eye Tracking Issues
  • Reading Teachers
  • Parents
  • Classroom Teachers
  • Special Education Teachers
  • Readers at All Levels for Focus

    Increase a reader’s:

    • Focus
    • Concentration
    • Confidence
    • Fluency
    • Comprehension

    Reduce frustration and save time by helping readers follow sentence paths and reduce the frustration of losing place or rereading lines. The color options help create focus and limit the reader’s area of concentration which, in turn, increases comprehension and fluency.

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