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Dr. Seuss Stripe Letters 4″

Dr. Seuss Decor Letters bring the magical letter artwork of the favorite children’s author to your classroom. Set of reusable 4 inch letters is printed on coated paper with eye-catching red and white stripes. Set includes 200 letters and 17 other grammar characters for you to mix, match, randomize, or spell out whatever you wish. Each measures 4 inches tall, making it easy to read from various distances and to display names, greetings or welcomes, the alphabet, and everything in between.
  • Coated construction makes letters durable and long-lasting
  • Letters easily punch out without concern of rips or tears
  • Separate letters let you creatively choose various display options just the way you want
  • Easy to take on and off areas so you can reuse them for multiple events over time
  • Easy decorative options for classrooms, parties, kid areas at offices, daycares, and much more

  • 217 Letter or Grammar Character Cutout Letters

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Availability: Only 1 left in stock