Birthday Bees Mini Bulletin Board Set

This 61-piece Birthday Bees Mini Bulletin Board will make students feel special on their big day. The bees theme is complete with labels for each month of the year, a giant hive, student bee pieces, a Hap-Bee Birthday banner, and more!

This 61-piece birthday mini bulletin board includes:

  • “Hap-BEE Birthday” Title: 9.875″w x 4.25″h
  • “Sweet BEE-day Wishes!” sign: 5″w x 5.5″h
  • Blue flower balloon: 4.25″w x 5.375″h
  • Red flower balloon: 4.125″w x 5.375″h
  • Turquoise flower balloon: 4.25″w x 6.25″h
  • Large hive top: 10.375″w x 5.875″h
  • Large hive bottom: 9″w x 5.875″h (Full hive assembled: 10.375″w x 11.5″h)
  • 36 Student bee pieces:
    • 9 turquoise: 3″w x 2.6875″h
    • 9 red: 3″w x 2. 5″h
    • 9 blue: 3″w x 2.5″h
    • 9 orange: 3″w x 2.6875″h
  • Gift: 6.25″w x 5.5″h
  • 12 month labels: 6″w x 1.5″h
  • Blank label: 5.5″w x 2.25”h
  • Blank flower sign: 9.125″w x 5.5″h
  • Beehive picture frame: 5.5″w x 9.75″h
  • Bee with cake: 5″w x 5.5″h
  • “BEE Happy” sign: 7.375″w x 5.125″h


SKU CTP10688