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Beyond Math Facts Math Book (Addition & Subtraction)

This 72-page workbook is perfect for children who are still memorizing addition and subtraction math facts, and who are also working on learning to add and subtract larger numbers.

Each of the six sections in this book reviews a group of addition and subtraction math facts. Those facts are then used in the more advanced math lesson. For example:
After the Magic 9 math facts 9+8, 7+9, 9+6, and 5+9, are reviewed, students can learn how to add 19+8 or 95+79.
Since your students are learning to regroup with facts they have already memorized, they will be able to add and subtract larger numbers without counting on fingers.

Lessons can be easily individualized for different learning abilities. Teachers, homeschool educators, tutors, special education and math resource teachers will see that the clean design will appeal to both younger and older students.
Included in this workbook:

  • Reproducible practice pages
  • Word math problems 
  • Guide to Teaching the Lessons
  • Record-keeping pages
  • Assessment pages
  • Answer pages

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