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5" Training Scissors

A cut above the rest! These nifty training scissors (made for both righty and lefty users) are made specifically for hand over hand cutting practice for beginners, children, or those who have a difficulties with grasping or utilizing fine motor skills. The dual-ring finger holes (4 total, two per side) create a V-shaped handle design that make it easier for teacher’s hand to guide the students while cutting. Blades are stainless steel and rust-resistant. Handles are yellow. Not safe for children ages 3 and under.
Double finger holes (4 total) of these kids scissors allow teachers’ hands to guide the students’ hands while cutting
Blunt tips provide safety for hands and use at elementary schools, childcare centers, and recreation centers
Handles are conveniently designed for both right handed and left handed users
Blades are stainless steel and rust resistant for years of use and crisp, easy cuts
Design offers best scissors for training beginners or for any children, individuals with arthritus, or anyone with special needs or struggles with hand coordination
1 Pair of Blunt Tip Scissors


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